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Conference Chairs

The Conference Co-Chairs are Ken Bravo and Jay Sage. They can be reached together at or individually at or, respectively.

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Program Committee Chair

The Program Committee chair is Chuck Weinstein. He can be reached at

As the Conference program evolves, information will appear under the "Program" tab on the website.

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The conference treasurer is Doug Cohen. He can be reached at

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Registration Chair

The registration chair is Paul Wolf. If you have questions about or problems with registration, please write to

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The webmaster is Jay Sage. He can be reached at

If you notice any issue with a page on this site, please let him know. To make it easy, there is usually a link at the bottom of each page that will generate a message to him with the subject line already filled in with the name of the page.

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Facebook Group Moderators

The Facebook Group moderators are Amy Wachs and Steve Jaron. They can be reached at

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Discussion List Moderator

The moderator of the conference Discussion List is Jay Sage. For issues concerning the list, he can be contacted at

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Fran Golden is the contact person for those interested in having an table in the Exhibitor Hall. Questions should be directed to her at

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Roommate Coordinator

The Roommates Coordinator is Heidi Urich. If you need assistance in finding someone to share your hotel room with you or in finding someone with a hotel room who is looking for a roommate, please write to

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Minyan Services

The minyan services are being organized by Elliot Greene. He can be reached at

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